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Spaced Out Life - Aliens Species #1 by Sean-M-Yeager Spaced Out Life - Aliens Species #1 by Sean-M-Yeager
Iíve been drawing human characters for so long, I sort of get tired of it after awhile.
This is a reason I wanted to make this series.
These are different alien species that would appear in "The Spaced Out Life of Allan O'Dano".

A race of cat people who (of course) come from the planet Tareir,
a planet mostly covered in ice and snowy mountains.
Unfortunately, there arenít much of them on their home planet.
They usually fall victim and are overruled by the predators on the planet,
up to the point where living up on the surface is not an option (also because of the cold.)
They used to live in towers made of stone but after they got destroyed, they live in caverns below the surface.
Usually when given the chance, they leave the planet and move over to more acceptable planets like Tworpot and Borf.
Others refuse to leave because itís their home but not too many of them,
leaving the few of them even more outnumbered.
Thereís a chance Allan is going to play ďHeroĒ again and try to help them.
How he would do that, Iím not too sureÖ but weíll see.

A race of blue aquatic people who can breath underwater.
The planet Crylon isÖ basically completely flooded with no land untouched by the water.
They live in a futuristic utopia at the bottom on the ocean.
(Thatíll give me a chance to come up with some interesting marine life.)
Crylonoids usually do one of three things.
1. Due to their general love of music, they usually become musicians.
2. They join the Rhikers to protect the galaxy.
3. They go on endless vacations to see other worlds.
So their utopia must have a lot of sea food restaurants, record labels and spaceports.
They are very close to being one of the most highly advanced civilizations in the galaxy.
However, very few of them speak other languages besides their own,
which would cause some annoyance especially for Steve.
On many occasions, Steve would talk to them but since most of them donít understand, they just role with it.
Despite lack of human speech, Allan prefers their company above most others.
Maybe he just loves their music or something.

Humanoid reptiles that come from the planet Draalnon.
They are a very diverse species similar to humans but they can all be equally mischievous.
A lot of them would be themed after actual reptiles on earth.
There are the Chameleons which can take on different forms and also camouflage.
They use these abilities to infiltrate and find out secrets from enemies.
There are also the Crocs which are basically like soldiers.
A lot of them protect the planet from invaders or join the Rhikers like the Crylonoids.
There are the Geckos, which are pretty much the Reptilian version of hippies.
There are the Snakes (the one in the picture) which are like regular people.
The one in the picture actually is a minor character in the series, Elias,
who is crazy about Steve and is often seen tackling him and trying to kiss him.
Or often babbling on about random stories of her life to him (most of them useless.)
Maybe someday, one of her stories will be helpful.

Spider like creatures from an unnamed planet that is basically a mess of dirty webs.
They live by waiting for naÔve people to fly by and land on their planet so they can catch them and eat them.
It just so happens Allan and his friends fell for this trap.
They have four legs and four arms and have the ability to spit webs from their mouths.
Despite their barbaric lifestyle (as well as occasional cannibalism when low on food,) they live very average lives similar to that of a suburban middle class family.
To them, eating others is equal to hunting. Thankfully, they can be easily manipulated.
I only wrote them for one episode so please excuse the lack of info.

There will be more to come shortly, probably after I get my new computer this weekend,
so sorry if there's a lack of uploads.
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Bladebrent Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013
Cool. I wonder what the Hippie lizards look like
Sean-M-Yeager Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. :D

I'm actually surprised I haven't designed them yet.
I've wanted to do something regarding aliens and hippies long before I even joined DA.
Bladebrent Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
Hippie aliens ftw
Sean-M-Yeager Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*currently coming up with designs*

Yep, they sure are win.
altergromit Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like "Reptilians"! ;)
Sean-M-Yeager Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. :D
So do I.
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January 15, 2013
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